Replace The Festive Blues With Winter Florals

Winter floral

Replace The Festive Blues With Winter Florals

Replace The Festive Blues With Winter Florals

There are many things we are forced to drop during the festive seasons, depending on your location – either you get snowed in or dusted out. You might be forced to take out your mini skirts and thin-skin baring crop tops (unless you don’t mind layering into oblivion). While florals are usually reserved for spring, what better way to brighten up dreary winter days (and nights) than with some flower power?

There are some conditions, though. Spring florals are always vivid and sunny, but winter florals are typically more moody and alluring. You can rock bright shades, but they should be tempered with darker floral patterns or the reverse, vibrant flowers backed by a black or navy background.

Winter Florals

It was only a matter of time before florals found their way to the streets. The Spring 2018 showgoers showed off a variety of flower-patterned creations. A street stylist sees no conflict in capping off a floral patterned coat dress with Balenciaga’s now infamous floral sock boots (plus working in a flower bag to boot). Florals and stripes are a natural combo, as long as the colors coordinate. And a plum dress stays in a winter state of mind teamed with black accessories. No better way to rock Winter Florals.


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