Red Velvet Please? How To Wear Your Velvet Tops This Season.


Red Velvet Please? How To Wear Your Velvet Tops This Season.

Red Velvet Please? How Do You Wear Your Velvet Tops?

by Fifunmi Osinubi.


Let’s just disregard the fact that it’s a trend right now.. Velvet is a bit “hot” to wear physically so how exactly do you wear it in such a hot season?

It’s usually very (very, very, very) sunny outside with only a few days being warm, velvet tops are absolutely stunning and fabulous but with the hot season we usually end up trying it in the morning and chucking it for that laid back T-shirt. But fear no more, chic one.. here’s how to wear your velour tops in such a hot weather.

Although, p.s we advice you wear it on a night out when the weather is cool and breezy.


velvet tops

Sleeveless Velvet Crop Top

A crop top is a good & safe place to start. A sleeveless silk crop top would be great in the hot weather.

Paired with casual comfy jeans would be a good look.



Velvet top with lace trims.

This is another pretty laid back casual look. Paired with a mini skirt and boots (or, hey! embroidered heels) you’re ready to look artsy and stunning babe!




Velvet T-shirt Dress.


One of our favorite looks. On a warm and cloudy day, pairing your velour T-shirt dress with a pair of sneakers would make you achieve a chic tomboy look. Go for it!


Slim V Neck Velvet Top


This is a good look for a casual day at the office. Pair your V Neck tee with pencil jeans and a tote bag, you’d be the talk of the office fashionista 😉


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