Proper Jogger Transform


Proper Jogger Transform

Proper Jogger Transform

Over the last couple of years, joggers have gone from the back seat to the front row when it comes to street savvy apparels. Jeans and chinos now have an impressive contender. It’s not only socially acceptable to wear in public now, its regarded as fashionable.

Despite the bad reputation gotten from the previous years, sweatpants have become quite popular and with athleisure ¬†on the rise, it’s the new must-have staple for gents; no longer for just the sports-inclined.


Though at first glance, joggers appear rather plain but surprisingly, there is alot of diversity and flexibility attributed to this staple when it comes to styling the right way.

The go-to apparel for men’s casual is the t-shirt. Styled with sneakers – this effortless look can be mixed up at will. Just make sure your t-shirt is well fitted ensuring a more tidy image. Feel free to experiment with colors. If you’re going for a bright top, the rest of your outfit would be best kept neutral.

The denim jacket on joggers is sure to add more structure. Preferably a light colored jacket will top this look.

Take a break from chinos. Another great alternative would be to go full-on smart casual and pair your sweatpants with trim loafers or keep things minimal with a pair of trainers.

Part polished, part relaxed, this unique combo creates a striking appearance. Make sure to maintain darker hues when styling, and opt for a less structured blazer too.

There’s not as many rules as you might think, so don’t hesitate to mix things up. You want to have a formal casual look, not too striking.

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