Perfect Steals

perfect steals

For some reason certain staples are just better when borrowed from the opposite sex. This season just showed us how to style those articles we snitch from our better halves. You can now totally add some male articles into your style to make it pop. These are the best things you should beg, borrow or steal from your boyfriend/man friend/lover/mate.

The Boyish Baseball Cap

completefashion perfect steals

The Boyish Baseball Cap:

The older and more worn the better. A plain black or navy one is also a good option. This is is perfect for a causal stroll out to the stores.

The Bookish Briefcase

completefashion perfect steals

The Bookish Briefcase

Who doesn’t love a briefcase masquerading as a handbag? Forget the Céline beauty that only fits a credit card, lip balm and a phone, a briefcase is your very own roomy number. Fill it up, then chuck in some more.

The Man-Sized Jeans

completefashion perfect steals

Man sized jeans

Straight-leg jeans are best worn rolled and belted or slung low on your hips with a hoodie. Off-duty perfection.

The Man Scarf

completefashion perfect steals

The Man Scarf:

Ideally tartan. Absolutely classic. Sling it over a leather jacket, a mini and that T-shirt you also nicked. Perfect.

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