Pastor I. Ighodalo InStyle On Birthday


Pastor I. Ighodalo InStyle On Birthday

Pastor I. Ighodalo InStyle On Birthday

Fabriculture is the common denominator that makes an individual or persons relatable to a particular culture due to its style, cut and fabric print. And for the Isoko Nation, a Georgian wrapper over a lace shirt is their distinctiveness.

The recent photo of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo epitomizes the rich African South-south culture. Pairing a crisp white shirt under a George wrapper and beads, Pastor Ighodalo stands tall the traditional way in his fashionable native attire which he wore for his birthday.

Although his wife, Ibidunni, and little princess nearly stole the spotlight in their typical elaborate Edo bridal outfits, complete with a crown and accessories, the exceptional fashion of Pastor Ighodalo still kept him in the limelight.

Images below:


Pastor Ituah Ighodalo on his birthday

Pastor Ituah & Ibidunni Ighodalo and their little princess.

Pastor Ighodalo and lovely wife

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