Must Have Shoes for Men

Every Guy's Must Have Shoes

Must Have Shoes for Men

We believe every average stylish man has a dozen shoes in his wardrobe. However, this is a check- list of  essential footwear you should have in your collection. They can be worn to any occasion and when paired with the right outfit, they can give you that effortlessly sophisticated look.

Here are a few of our picks, follow these simply rules and you will be glad you did.

Suede ShoesCarmina-polo-suede-chukka-boot

Suede can be worn for causal outfits to the office, throw on a suit pant and a floral shirt.

Leather Sneakersitasho1

Leather sneakers is essential for young men, try on a graphic Tee with a pair of jeans for a casual date or event.


Black Oxfords


Wear a pair of black oxford with a navy blue tailored suit.

Brown  Brogues8e18b5ef7127f9bff85961772d121cf8

Chinos or denim is a great choice with a brogues,tie things together neatly with a matching belt.

Monk Strapsdouble_monk_carmina_80250_l

Wear a navy blue suit pant and a blazer for a sophisticated look.


Chelsea Bootscheaney-threadneedle-chelsea-boot-in-black-calf-leather-p39-1294_image

For a less dressy look, pair these boot with a distressed jeans and check shirt.


Everyone loves loafers,pair them with a pastel shirt and a blue chinos.




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