Muscular Apparels: The Right Style


Muscular Apparels: The Right Style

Muscular Apparels: The Right Style

No matter your body type – naturally blessed or you worked for your gains, be proud! But don’t show them off with too tightly fitted outfits.

Stick to the perfect fit; not too tight, not too baggy clothes. Most muscular guys would choose the bomber jacket, which is fantastic, cropped at the waist, on a pair of jeans (not skinnys) and your favorite boots. This elegant style is the best cover up for men with broad shoulders.


Don’t be afraid to spice up your look with apparels more appealing with their colors. If you were to go with the popular hoodie look, try picking out the more stylish ones, in a different color from black (so you don’t come across as a thug.

To achieve that semi-casual appearance, season your outfit with a slim cut blazer that moves with your frame, mixed with a striped button-down shirt (not tucked in). Feel free to throw in a stylish crewneck sweater for a combination of smart and chic. For the best, flattering fit, go for a size-up at the tailors – its rather inexpensive these days.

If all of this seems like alot to deal with, remember to go for the classic plain t-shirt, jeans and a nice pair of shoes, which look great on almost any man (muscular or not ). The secret here is to maintain the perfect lukewarm size.

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