Men’s Smart-Casual Get-Up

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Men’s Smart-Casual Get-Up

Men’s Smart-Casual Get-Up

This get up isn’t tricky to get right. Keep things simple with a pair of selvedge denim jeans, a white shirt and a pair of slim, clean trainers.  Or, wear a pair of suit trousers with a plain white T-shirt to tip the smart casual vibe the other way.

  • Sweatshirt and Shirt: Its pretty widespread to come across a person with a neutral colored jumper over a dress shirt. The jersey material will help to soften the clean-cut look while staying in keeping with the formal vibe.


  • T shirt and Blazer: This is a standard combination for smart casual. Swapping out your shirt for a T-shirt can provide you with a look that’s a little less restrictive, yet still elegant.

  • Blazer on Jeans: A blazer is usually worn with smart trousers, while jeans are the go-to weekend wear. However, jeans have been used in smart casual outfits for years, and if you pick a pair that’s slim fit and doesn’t have distressed or faded features, then it can work pretty well with a simple blazer.

  • Suit with Trainers: The key to making this combination work is to keep everything simple. Avoid patterns and bold colors, and keep to neutral tones and plain finishes. This match up creates a laid back look, not so much that its not office appropriate, but it is smart and casual.

With so many combinations, there’s no excuse for you to not try out the look from time to time. Each combo has so many options that you’ll find a look to suit you; no problem.

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