Men’s Must-Have Pieces

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Men’s Must-Have Pieces

Men’s Must-Have Pieces

Men, it’s time to get your wardrobe in order. Having these essential pieces keeps you prepared for anything, from board meetings to funerals to concerts; and are meant to ultimately make life easier for you.

  1. A Navy Suit. A well known men’s wardrobe staple. It’s versatile enough to split it up and wear the jacket with jeans or the trousers with just a shirt.


2. Good Shoes and a Matching Belt. Shoes strike the right balance between being casual enough to wear with jeans and polished enough for everything up to black ties. And your belt needs to match your shoes, atleast, especially for outfits that are usually tucked in.

3. A Navy Grenadine Tie. It’s unique appearance keeps it sober enough for a funeral or an important meeting, but loose enough for a more fun gathering.

4. Jeans. A well-loved pair of jeans is great. A clean wash is the most versatile. A more uniform wash makes for a more neutral canvas and can be styled pretty easily.

5. A White Shirt. This age old men’s staple is a preferred neutral canvas. A key piece when it comes to styling, just be sure to keep it pressed and clean, always.

Thy’re things that are polished enough to look like you made an effort for the people around you, but are understated enough to not draw too much attention to yourself.

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