Men’s Gym Summer Fashion


Men’s Gym Summer Fashion

Men’s Gym Summer Fashion

The summer is here. And for a lot of guys, that means heading back to the gym for the first time in, probably a long time. Here’s a foolproof guide to looking your best when hitting the bars; or just going for a jog.

  1. A classic pullover hoodie. It suits just fine and happens to last for a long time.


2. A stylish dri-FIT T shirt. Sure, you could wear that ratty old college tee, but why not go with something that keeps you both feeling and looking cool?

3. A fitness tracker. Measuring your heart rate and keeping track of your calories burned is a lot easier when someone or something else is doing it for you, which is exactly why some smart people invented the FitBit in the first place. Go for sleek, understated black.

4. Technical shoes. Unless you’re hitting the city streets or on the track, you don’t need a running shoe to work out. In fact, a woven, technical basketball shoe will be lighter and more sophisticated and provides superior support for lifting weights.

5. A long sleeved t shirt. Sometimes you just need a little extra coverage. Invest in an updated classic with this heather gray, v neck long sleeve t shirt.

6. Tailored sweats are as important on men’s runways as they are in the weight room. Spruce up your gym style with these slim sweats from cult athletic brand outdoor voices. And feel free to wear them for your non-athletic weekend adventures as well.

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