Match your watch with your style

Match your watch with your style

Match your watch with your style

Match your watch with your style

Wristwatches Are Convenient, provide simplicity, signal Style. Aside from getting a watch picking the right one for your style might be the problem because there are different types for different looks. Every man needs a watch.

By Clement Uanseru.


maxres-minimal-model (1)


If you a fan of clear lines or neutral colors then you’re a master of minimalism. If your idea of on-point style is more stripped-back than stand out, then what you wear on your wrist must be simple.


the wekeender 1

the weekender 2

For men that like smart and casual, not too formal as to only look good with a suit, but smart enough to pass muster with a shirt and chinos.




A sartorial statement needs a watch that can hold its own. When it’s the party season, it’s time to bring out the gold big guns. Elegant and impactful in equal measure, a gold-plated case and bracelet watch would be great. A gold bracelet watch has the presence that won’t pale when worn.




If you’re a man looking for an alternative to smartwatches, try steering old-school with a classic stainless steel chronograph. when hitting the gym you don’t need anything big or shining, analog is the best option.


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