Match Your Soles

match your soles

Match Your Soles

Simply put, wearing a dress with matching shoes has its perks. First, it elongates the legs, and second, it also gives a sort of unexpected polish to pretty much anything you’re wearing.

On the runway, designers including Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and the Dolce & Gabbana team have been showing clothes with matching shoes in everything from herringbone to intricate beaded patterns, while coordinating heels and gowns has become a bona fide red-carpet trend among celebrities lately.

Street style, though, is really where to look for inspiration on how to pull this off like a true fashion girl.

Here, a few tips and tricks for how to match your soles to your outfit.

  1. Wear shoes that are a shade darker than your outfit: To avoid the cringe factor that often comes from mixing two similar but slightly different colors, opt for a pair of shoes a hair darker than your outfit—a fire-engine red dress with pair of cherry-red heels, for example. The difference in color will be barely noticeable to most, but will prevent your reds from clashing.
  2. Style around a centre-piece: Worried you’ll look too matchy-matchy? Choose a single color as a starting point and choose pieces in colors that are just slightly different from each other when picking out your outfit, shoes, and bag, for a totally modern look like this woman did with the color beige at the Paris couture shows.
  3. Same Color, Different Textures: To avoid that “I cut up my drapes to make a dress and shoes” look, be careful to not also match the material of your outfit to your shoes. Instead, choose shoes in the same color as what you are wearing, but in a different material, say, velvet or satin, to add texture to your outfit.Reese Witherspoon
  4. Statements in patterns: Not everyone has a patterned dress and a pair of shoes in the exact same pattern sitting in their closet, but occasionally you want to make a big statement, and there is no better way to do it than by pairing accessories and an outfit in the same pattern. Mix and match a few other colors and prints in to your outfit if you are ready to try this. Also, be wary of mixing similar prints that are slightly different (say a leopard coat, and shoes in a different leopard print).


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