Male Sockless Takeover


Male Sockless Takeover

Male Sockless Takeover

Although you may not put it to mind, there’s more to wearing your shoes barefoot than meets the eye. There’s something particularly liberating about going sockless especially in warmer weather.

We all have noticed the growing popularity of wide-leg trousers this season, which when worn the right way, can appear rather fashionable without socks, and a pair of simple trainers or derbies.


Make sure you bear in mind both the decorum of the occasion and the expected dress code before deciding to flash some ‘mankles’.

To achieve the best ensemble, mix with low profile loafers and wrap it up with a crisp Oxford shirt and tie. Add a blazer to the mix for the ideal smart-casual ensemble.

Though the no-sock fad conveys the happy-go-lucky look, its a trend that’s steady on the rise and you don’t want to be left behind.

The trick is to make sure every tailored item you have on isn’t too slim-fitted. A loose shirt is sure to take part of the attention right out of the bare-ankles look; and a pair of sleek black shoes to top it up.

Be it loafers, slip-ons or sneakers, you’ll want to pay some attention to the condition of your ankles before going sockless.

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