Luxury Bags for the discerning ladies ( Rumen )


Luxury Bags for the discerning ladies ( Rumen )

Luxury Bags for the discerning ladies ( Rumen )

Rumen, the new luxury female handbags dealer launches her new collection. fitting your everyday need in terms of color, shape, texture, and size.

The purely made in Nigeria brand makes it easier for our ladies to take on the world of fashion, comfort and not forgetting class.

Stay Classy with Rumen.


D81_0897-PSedit D81_0899-PSedit D81_0904-PSedit D81_0911-PSedit D81_0915-PSedit D81_0917-PSedit D81_0920-PSedit

D81_1047-PSedit D81_0923-PSedit D81_0928-PSedit D81_0932-PSedit D81_0938-PSedit D81_0942-PSedit D81_0945-PSedit D81_0948-PSedit D81_0951-PSedit D81_0957-PSedit D81_0976-PSedit-b


D81_1002-PSedit D81_1021-PSedit D81_1030-PSedit D81_1037-PSedit

Stylist : @sarah_tonkiri for @saahng
Make-up: @_beluche
Model – @ekunganya & @lola_cindel
Photography: @aecstudios
Creative Direction : @infoworldcharming

Bag @rumenbags

Luxury Bag for the discerning ladies

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