Looking Fab on Thigh High Slits


Looking Fab on Thigh High Slits

There are plenty of star style staples that can be translated to real life — one of which is the insanely sexy, thigh-high slit. Whether it’s worn in the form of a maxi dress, floor-length skirt, or full-out glamorous gown, a sky-high slit is one of the simplest ways to add a little oomph and sex appeal to your night-out outfit. And the best part? It can be totally tasteful and subtle — when done the right way, of course. So if you’re ready to show a little leg, take a few tips from here.

Choose a lighter fabric

completefashion thigh high slits

What’s the point of wearing a leg-baring slit if it’s in heavy wool, crepe, or jacquard fabric that allows for little movement and few chances for a peek at your thighs? That’s why it’s smart to choose a flowing, lightweight skirt — made from a fabric such as satin or chiffon, that will move effortlessly with your body and flow over your legs and curves.

Go for strappy heels

completefashion thigh high slits

There are few things worse than showing off your gorgeous, long legs with a thigh high slit only to look down and see a clunky shoe sticking out. Keep your entire outfit sleek and streamlined by choosing a lightweight, low-profile sandal or heel.

Define your waist

completefashion thigh high slits

Whether it’s with a thin belt or a thick band of contrasting-color fabric, defining and cinching your waist is a sure-fire way to make your sky-high slit just that more seductive.

Try side slit

completefashion thigh high slits

Not sure a full-on frontal slit is the right fit for you? Then opt for a more subtly placed side slit, which offers all the drama of a front slit, but in a more toned-down fashion.

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