Kooky Couture; arts and crafts clothing

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Kooky Couture; arts and crafts clothing

Kooky Couture; arts and crafts clothing

by Monjola Adeboye

Get your artsy fartsy supplies out of your closet, it’s arts and crafts time. Fashion has taken a turn for the dramatic this season. It’s all about graphic, in your face designs. The brighter and weirder, the better. We can’t deny that we’re totally digging the look. I mean, who wouldn’t want to step out of their house in their weirdest, most graphic outfit and still get a ton of compliments?

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Hang on now, we aren’t telling you to run off and draw rainbows over all your clothes,  there’s certain ways to wear this style. You don’t just throw colours together and call it fashion, you still have to put in work and effort into creating a look that’s fashionable and attractive while keeping to the trend.


You can see that on the runway the looks weren’t paired with a ton of jewellery, designers went for minimal jewellery and instead focused on statement shoes or bags. This is a good way to wear your looks. Don’t overpower your outfit by choking it up with jewelry, choose a purse or pair of shoes that compliment your kooky couture.




Arts are the trend of the season, so go get your paintbrushes and paints and DIY yourself some fabulous “new” clothes.




Photo Source; Pinterest Images


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