Kitenge Outfits For Young Ladies


Kitenge Outfits For Young Ladies

In case you’re wondering what Kitenge is, it’s a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns and made through a wax-resist dyeing technique called batik.

S the question is, How to style this dress-up fashionably. Just make sure you put on single tone shoes as you might have got the idea that this style is already in print, so putting on some multicolored shoes with it might ruin the entire look.

Kitenge Short Dress
Planning to make a new sapphire look for hanging out with friends on a sunny day then this look would perfectly fit in. All blue shades from head to toe are making a quite stylish look.


Print with Jeans; It goes perfectly when styling with white, plus all the other stuff like white shades, white bags and even white sneakers that give you a superb look.

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Ankara in Fishtail Style
Fishtail skirt or shirt or even a gown are the mainstream styles in Nigeria that are worn by many girls it. Planning to hang out with the friends or going to attend a late night party then this fishtail dress style should definitely in one’s closet because the cuts done in this dress style are not that simple but they do one thing that they up bring the whole outlook of an individual.

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When styling this, don’t accessorize yourself too much, stay easy on the jewels as the fabric itself is having the broader and heavy prints, therefore, wearing heavy jewelry with it will look awful.

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