Key Trends To Adopt This Fall


Key Trends To Adopt This Fall

Now you can look like you paid attention at the last fashion week! Also, there’s nothing wrong with snapping up a few hot pieces that mark you out as a man with his finger on the pulse.

This season, you can keep up with the key trend by adopting 5 of the best sartorial moves to keep you standing out all season long.



Moss Green

While olive is common for streetwear moss green has a smarter appeal, especially when paired with black. Choose this hue for merino sweaters, tailoring or outerwear and pair with your usual dark staples.

Key Trend



Winter Whites
Mastering winter whites are as much to do with texture as color. In summer you want light, sharp and crisp optic whites, but winter whites should be made from warm and soft-handle fabrics. Winter whites will ideally give freshness and add life to otherwise dark outfits.




Whether you go head-to-toe tracksuit or simply nod to nostalgia with some gum-sole kicks, always look to balance more casual pieces out with smarter items like an overcoat or roll neck.



Statement Knitwear
The key with statement anything is making sure that the statement gets heard. Choose prints or graphics in a texture that mutes them a little. There’s a fine line between making yourself heard and being obnoxious – an acceptable way to adopt this Key Trend.



Coloured Tailoring
The reason color in tailoring has become so popular is all part of a wider rebellion against ‘dressing norms’ for men.

Rich, autumnal hues work well for any skin tone; try teaming a deep emerald green or burgundy suit with a slim fitting roll neck or crew neck T-shirt when adopting this Key Trend. Colour works well with texture, too.




If you want to buy into bigger proportions but are unsure if you suit the look, opt for sober colors and wear on a day your confidence is riding high.


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