JZO Fashion Announces New “TOKUNBO” Rain ’17 (A/W) Collection

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JZO Fashion Announces New “TOKUNBO” Rain ’17 (A/W) Collection

JZO Fashion Announces New “TOKUNBO” Rain ’17 (A/W) Collection  

JZO is a menswear fashion brand with a simple, unique and contemporary style influenced by African themes. The brand is thrilled to announce its new Rain ’17 (A/W) collection.

The new JZO collection named “Tokunbo” translates in Yoruba language to ‘from across the seas’. It describes the creative process articulated by the collection, retaining all the elements that have come to define JZO. In designing the Rain ’17 (A/W) Collection, Creative Director, Ola Akindeinde, drew inspiration from East Asian Marshall themes.

Made for the modern Nigerian man, this collection consists of native made fabrics, which aligns with the brand signature.


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