It’s more than just denim


It’s more than just denim

The denim trend came back with the kind of single-minded determination you would expect from someone trying hard to make a statement; and make a statement it did.

Those fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters that have followed this trend religiously decided to take it to a whole new level by elevating, embellishing and at times degrading the fabric just to create unique pieces that are so individual you would rarely ever find them anywhere else.

Here are some of the best pieces we love so far.GIGI HADID DENIMGigi Hadid  in this ripped denim and skirt combo.JASMINE TOOKESJasmine Tookes in a personalized graphic pants with ripped knees. MUNACHI ABII GRAPHIC DENIMMunachi Abii in a graffiti style graphic  jacket and pants ensemble. OLIVIA PALERMO FRINGED DENIMOlivia Palermo in an extremely fringed pant piece that is somehow entirely wearable. RIHANNA ASSYMETRICAL DENIMStyle activist, diva and vocalist extraordinaire Rihanna in a tonal outfit with asymmetrically cut hems.


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