How to wear Cufflinks

How to wear Cufflinks

How to wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great way to introduce a bit of colour and detail into your everyday wardrobe. A simple piece of metal or silk can really liven up a boring, standard work look, but you have to remember what shirt you want to wear them with as not all accommodate for cufflinks. Silk knots also do the work of cufflinks; they’re a simple piece of elasticated fabric or silk that has been tied at either end that you simply place through the cuffs of your shirt.You’ll want to invest in a French cuff, or double cuff, shirt if you want to wear a pair of cufflinks. These types of shirts are reserved for the more formal occasions, or, if you work in a more formal work environment. Which brings us to the question, when do you wear cufflinks.No matter what type of cufflink you decide to go for, you can always keep it personal with a pair of monogrammed or personalised cufflinks to see you through. Either way, if you’re struggling, then always keep it simple and to keep it stylish.

  1. FORMAL EVENTS;formal events For formal events, be it a white-tie or black-tie event, you want to use links that are elegant and minimalist in design. Formal events always have some sort of dress code so it is not the best place to go overboard on embellishments even if it as small a thing as links. A plain Silver, Gold, mother-of-pearl or Black cufflink is your best bet here.
  2. FOR WORK; for workCufflinks for the workplace or a less formal setting might be somewhat more ostentatious that a formal event cufflink.This is where you get to match your links with a color from your tie, or your pocket square. Jewel faced cufflinks should be your goto choices for this type of occasion.
  3. FOR CASUAL EVENTS;casual If you absolutely must wear a shirt that requires a cufflink at a very casual event, you can dress down your shirt and make your look less serious by donning a comical or sporty cufflink.

There are no definite laws on cufflinks and these style pointers are open to interpretations but you might want to stick to the rule on formal wear most especially. family crestOf course special circumstances like family, organizational and club crested cufflinks can  be worn anytime you want to.


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