How To Tie The Half Windsor


How To Tie The Half Windsor

Every gentleman should know how to tie a Half Windsor knot. It’s one of three essential knots you need to know. This Windsor-knot is a modest version of the Full Windsor, but wider and thicker than the Four-in-Hand knot. It grew in popularity with businessmen in the ’50s. Many believe the knot derives from the Full Windsor, when in fact little evidence proves this claim.

The best part about this tie is that it’s easy to tie. The knot is medium in size, and once tied it will have a symmetrical, triangular look. You will also notice a deep dimple when tied correctly. To help you dress to impress, here are the steps to achieving can almost-perfect Windsor.

Half Windsor

1. Drape the tie around your neck. Wide end should extend 12 inches below the narrow end. The small end should rest slightly above your belly button.


2. Cross wide part of the tie over narrow end to the left.


3. Pull wide end around and behind the narrow end to the right.


4. Pull the wide end up towards the center between the collar and tie.


5. Bring it down through the hole between the collar and tie and to the left.



6. Bring the wide end across the front over the narrow end to the right.


7. Then pull the wide end through the gap between the collar and tie from underneath again. Do not tighten knot yet. You want a loop on top of the knot.


8. Bring the wide end down through the loop on top of the knot.


9. Tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end.


10. Slide the knot up and center with both hands.



The Half Windsor knot is appropriate for all occasions and outfits, especially business casual. They work best with job interviews and business meetings. For formal events, we recommend the Full Windsor. But it’s your style, so the choice is up to you.

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