How To Style Lace Tops

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How To Style Lace Tops

How To Style Lace Tops

Lace is absolutely in trend this season, not just because of the stifling hot weather but because they are eternally cute and elegant.

Below are 3 ways you can rock your lace tops and make a statement anytime.

 – Over A Maxi Skirt –

A long flowy maxi skirt over a structured lace top is pure elegance. If you’re looking for something to wear at your best friend’s marriage, look no further.

Here’s how to style a lace top maxi skirt outfit:

  • For maximum elegance, opt for a maxi-skirt in the softest fabric you can. Silk, chiffon and organza are the best, but if you want to stay on a budget you’ve got a ton of alternatives too with acrylic fabrics. Just make sure the fabric is thin, soft and transparent, and that the skirt has a well refined and thicker linen.
  • Choose soft muted colors in the nuance you love more. It doesn’t matter if you opt for pink, coral, blue or yellow, just make sure you don’t look like an highlighter and that you’re not visible from a hundred miles
  • The lace top to put over a high-waist maxi skirt should be a bit structured on the shoulders or on the torso, just to create a focal point on your upper body, like the shoulders or your waist. You can even wear it on bright colored, printed skirts, like the one I told you about in the honeymoon wardrobe post.


how to wear lace tops


– Over Your Favorite Blue Jeans –

Lace and jeans is an amazing outfit idea to wear everyday, and we consider it a sort of statement on your personality.

Since jeans are such an icon in the clothing / fashion / real world, the only rule on wearing them is there are no rules. So just enjoy pairing your favorite blue jeans with lace tees, off-the shoulder tops and even crop tops!


how to wear lace tops

– Over A Midi Skirt –

Midi skirts are pure romance. And they’re easy to style:

  • Obviously opt for high-waist when you wear midi skirts, or you’ll look larger than you are. And apart from that, high-waist is definitely on another level in terms of looking polished and put together, because thy define your waistline and help create a feminine and soft looking shape on your body.
  • When you wear lace tops over midi skirts, you can really opt for every color, also the more vivid ones. So, the soft and muted suggestion doesn’t apply here!

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– Over The Always Classy High-Waist Pants –

Another great idea on how to wear lace tops, is simply pairing them with high-waist pants, for a super luscious look. Put them over straight pants and heels and you’ll look elegant and sophisticated. Put them over wide leg pants and you’ll look super stylish with a fashionista twist!

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