How to Rock the Sneakers Trend With Ease

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How to Rock the Sneakers Trend With Ease

How to Rock the Sneakers Trend With Ease

Tennis shoes are no longer just meant for the gym. Sneakers are the latest and greatest trend to come to street wear, combining comfortability in a fashion-forward look.

Going for a casual yet fashionable look? The sneaker trend has been taking the streets by storm, seen in every fashion capital the tennis shoes are here to stay. There is a fine line between rocking your outfit to looking like you just rolled out from the gym. We have put together the most relevant ways to look slightly athletic without actually having to break a sweat. Pulling of this trend can be a breeze once you know the basic tips and tricks to maximize the style of your tennies.

Styling Basics

Black and Blue

Be color conscious, don’t go overboard with several contrasting colors. Keep your shoes within the same color scheme as you ensemble.

Red New Balances
Add a pop of color with a red or maroon shoe.

Monochromatic White

Silhouettes are everything. If you have a bulkier shoe don’t pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, instead try it with a pair of capris, a dress or skirt. The sudden change in width disrupts the flow of the look and can look tacky.

Sleek Monochrome

Create an overall sleek look by incorporating a narrow, more fitted shoe to a form fitting outfit.


Is it a tennis shoe or a TENNIS SHOE? The overall look of the shoe makes a huge difference on what it should be paired with. For a more athletic looking shoe wear it with pieces that are more casual.

Gigi Hadid Adidas Superstars

If it is a more casual looking tennis shoe feel free to pair it with garments that are casual as well as pieces that are more fashion forward

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