How to Protect Your Fancy Velvet Shoes

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How to Protect Your Fancy Velvet Shoes

How to Protect Your Fancy Velvet Shoes

Just like in the ’90s (and last fall), velvet looms large this season. And one of our favorite ways to get in on the trend is by wearing it on our feet. There’s just one small hiccup: How do you care for such delicate material that’s about to be permanently affixed to the ground? Here’s how.Image result for Velvet Shoes

What you need: Scotchguard or another furniture fabric protector.Image result for Scotchguard or another furniture fabric protector.

What you do: Hold the can at a safe distance ,at least six inches away and lightly mist your shoes. Be careful not to push down on the trigger too hard which will saturate, instead of evenly coating, the velvet. A spray protector won’t make the material completely waterproof, but it will minimize day-to-day staining. To keep them looking fresh between wears, lightly scrub away any grossness with a clean toothbrush.

And then? Wear these babies with abandon. Maybe with a  stylish blouse?Image result for Velvet Shoes

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