How to Pick the Most Flattering Denim Skirt for Your Body Type

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How to Pick the Most Flattering Denim Skirt for Your Body Type

How to Pick the Most Flattering Denim Skirt for Your Body Type

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Thanks to the recent 1970s and 1990s fashion revivals, the denim skirt has once again become a year-round wardrobe essential. Yes, the cut-off, the distressed mini skirt (not unlike the one you probably wore in high school) is back, along with a pencil, midi and our personal favorite—the button-front A-line skirt.

So, which style is right for you? While all four styles are on-trend for spring and into the summer, we’d recommend starting with a cut that’s suited to flatter your best features. Those with boyish figures can add curves with an A-line mini, while women with curvier frames can nail that hourglass look in a fitted pencil skirt (with plenty of stretch), like.

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Take a page out of this look and pair a vintage-inspired denim skirt with a bodysuit for a killer outfit. If you have a petite body/statue, you want to opt for a mini denim skirt that is form fitting and snatches your body angles rightly and you want to do same with your choice of top. This way your body isn’t sinking into the outfit rather it is doing the reverse by making your body and angles visible.

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We do have to love how put together this look is. Style pantry is giving us such a girl crush,her feminine and approachable sense of style sets a benchmark for tall girls everywhere. Her long frame allows her to pull off wearing a floaty midi skirt and flats, but shorter girls need only add a little heel to master the same carefree look.

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No one knows how to dress their figure better than a Kardashian, and Khloe K. is no exception. She expertly showed off her hourglass figure in a stretch-denim pencil skirt and tucked-in shirt, an easy look to copy for the office (with a few more buttons secured) or a dinner date.

blue-button-down-blouse-navy-mini-skirt-black-ballerina-shoes-original-3986.jpg (800×1200)


Give the illusion of curves with an A-line button-front skirt that will make your legs look a mile long, too. This silhouette might be our favorite of the season—wear it now with loafers and a tucked-in T-shirt and later with tights and ankle boots.

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