From big butts to large thighs, long torsos and long legs, we found a variety of denim options cut to flatter your best features.

    • 2. TALL

      For taller women, finding a jean that doesn’t leave you with an awkward foot-to-ankle gap isn’t easy without a trip to a specialty shop. Our experts suggest looking for jeans that come in extra long styles as well as cropped styles that are shorter on purpose.



      As a woman with a smaller midsection, it’s important to find hip-hugging styles or those that sit lower on your waist to give you the appearance of a longer midsection.


    • 4. FLAT BUTTS

      Even if you weren’t blessed with Kim Kardashian-level curves, with the right denim any woman can feel like she’s got a killer backside. Look for jeans with larger pockets and those that provide more coverage to enhance your bum.


    • 5. PETITE

      When it comes to jeans, your biggest problem is probably length, but if you’re ultra-petite you may struggle with waist sizing, too. Look for cropped cuts in dark washes that will elongate your legs.

    • 6. BIG BUTTS

      When searching for a pair of jeans that properly supports and shows off your derriere—look for high-waist flares, boyfriend styles, and those with a little extra stretch.


    • 7. ROUND TUMMY

      If your midsection is your biggest concern, choose a high-rise, stretch denim, or boot-cut style that covers and smoothes at the same time.


    • 8. PLUS-SIZE

      Mid- to high-rise silhouettes, dark washes, and jeans with plenty of stretch (god bless Lyrcra) will serve to elongate your legs and streamline your whole look.