How To Declutter


How To  Declutter


  We all get to that point when we want more clothes but our closet says no; ‘I’m full’. As the season changes so will our clothes and majority of times we keep pilling old clothes because we plan on using them later in the year or just because of sentimental attachment. This article gives a few tricks and tips on how to declutter your closet space. Using CF (complete fashion) W.H.W (What, How and Where) formula



W- (What to remove)

Cloths evaluation KEEP OR  TOSS REASON
A friend gave me a shirt which is too small now. But it won’t it be bad giving out item gifted to me?                Toss To what benefit is it to you than picking up dust and occupying space? Giving it out to who is in need is a sign that you appreciate the item since you can’t use it.
I haven’t worn the item in a year but I still like it.                Toss If you haven’t worn something in a year then out it goes regardless of condition, price or size.  Why a year?  Because you cover every season in that period of time.  If you haven’t worn it during the year, you probably never will.
Anytime I wear it I just don’t feel right                 Toss  If you have a piece of clothing that you wear but are annoyed with it every time you do, seriously stop it.
It’s waiting to be mended and it’s been waiting for a long time.  


Enough is Enough already if it was needed it should be mended by now.
I absolutely love a shirt but never wear it because you have nothing to wear it with. A match won’t appear over night. Follow the one year rule after then you decide
Sentimental clothes that you aren’t wearing reside in your closet. Either take a picture of it and preserve the memory or limit yourself to one tote of “clothes




H-(How to declutter)

-Take everything out of your closet. It might be overwhelming but what needs to be done has to be done.

– Set aside some boxes labelled yes, no and maybe. Yes for keeps, no for tossing out maybe we follow the 12 months trial period and if we don’t use them please toss them out.

– Clean out the closet nicely. Put the yes pile back in the closet neatly and organized. Leave spaces between things if you can.

Grab a #girlsquad or #boysquard for some moral support.
Cleaning out your closet alone can be tiring. Get some close friends come over and help you get out of your clutter.
– Kindly remove all times from the wardrobe which is not suppose to be there office files and books.

W- (Where to deposit toss clothes)

Charity is the best option or even friends who might find better use to the items. But if you want to make extra cash we could put it up for yard sale.


Here are your tips to declutter.

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