How To Create A Model’s Essentials Kit

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How To Create A Model’s Essentials Kit

It pays to have all these in your bag whether you are a model or not:
Carry a compact mirror. Invest in a pretty compact mirror and you will always be able to check your appearance
Have some breath mints. Hummus may have seemed like a really good idea at lunchtime but if you’d rather not breathe it all over a potential agent, then some mints may be a welcome addition to your ‘must-have’ kit.
Be sure to have tissues or wet wipes. For all kinds of emergency clean-up jobs, tissues or wet wipes are well worth the space they take up in your kit.
Bring some toothpicks. A smile costs nothing; unless you have half a rocket leaf between your teeth – then it can cost you your dignity! Check your smile after eating and include a toothpick for any emergencies. Dental floss can substitute.
If you plan on wearing heels bring a spare pair of runners, thongs, flats or gumboots. Any of them will do.
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