How Short Can Men Go?


How Short Can Men Go?

How Short Can Men Go?

Unlike girls, shorts for boys are not as easy to pull off. To make men’s knickers look cool and stylish, it should be matched with a proper top. For those who would prefer to go smart casual with their ensemble, it’s an even more dramatic appearance when mixed with loafers or sneakers, a shirt and/or a classy suit. The look will be suitable for outdoor parties.


The most flattering fit and easiest to style are above-the-knee denim pants. The classic blue or black are dependable options which can be styled in a number of ways.

However, if you’re not so thrilled about appearing on the more sophisticated side, its best to stay basic. Black denim knickers are probably the easiest to style as you can throw on any colored top and you’re good to go.

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So, whether you go for a basic look or pair up with a denim shirt on denim shorts, be sure to grab a few pairs in various styles, and keep being stylish.

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