How Pink Can We Go

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How Pink Can We Go

For a long time, people have associated the color pink with femininity. Well in this modern era, colors no longer define gender; besides, there’s no reason why men and women can’t share colors.

Although u might need a bit of confidence to rock this fad, it is nothing more than just a color. Men who wear this shade aren’t just fashion savvy but also ooze self-confidence.


There are countless pieces and combinations for a statement color such as this, especially when styled the right way. For the dress shirt, its best paired with dark colored jeans or a white chinos, with brown shoes and a brown belt.

For that casual look, a classic salmon shirt is sure to get heads turning; paired with skinny jeans and minimal sneakers.

It’s imperative to choose a shade that best complements your skin tone – darker hues for the darker men and a lighter shade for the caramel toned men. Whether its trousers or shorts, polos or t-shirts, do rock them with confidence. Men wear pink, even tough guys do – and you can own it.

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