How Fit Is Green?


How Fit Is Green?

Green poses a bit of a challenge when incorporating it into your wardrobe – you don’t want to end up looking like a muppet. When picking out this shade, its best to know what category your complexion falls under and the tones that work for you. For the fairer skinned men, darker shades are favorable. Guys with darker complexion can try their hand at pretty much any shade.

If you fancy leafy tailoring but aren’t ready to go all out with your outfit, an avocado blazer is an excellent separate to own because it pairs well with beige, grey and black trousers.

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This hue works well with your everyday staples too. Go for a leafy colored jumper instead of the usual navy and wear with a pair of straight-leg jeans and a white shirt for an easy weekend look.


For those who would prefer a more toned down approach to going green, accessorize with a ribbed scarf thrown over your camel coat or some suede dessert boots to update your blue denim jeans. The trick here is to limit use of color to a single piece.

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