How A Man Should Dress In His 40s


How A Man Should Dress In His 40s

They say that life begins at 40, which frankly is a little bit too Benjamin Button for comfort. It’s also not true, clearly.

You don’t have to follow fashion. And even though you’re at peak earning power, you don’t really need to buy anything, so you can conceivably fork out for fripperies like bespoke suits and high-end watches – especially if you’re no longer paying through the nostril for full-time childcare.

Life might not begin at 40, but as far as your style is concerned, it doesn’t have to end there either.


So if you have an uncle or a dad who might be doing it wrong, here are Key Pieces for him To Dress In His 40s With;

a bespoke suit
Having filled out your tailoring wardrobe in your twenties and upgraded it in your thirties, you’re at the age, earning bracket and settled body shape to commission. A bespoke suit should last a good 20 years if cared for properly (brush frequently, dry clean rarely), so although it’s a chunk of change, it should hopefully see you all the way through to retirement.

Dress In His 40s



neat knits
While the grandad connotations of cardigans are overstated, knitwear comes over more grown-up (and smart-casual) with jeans and a T-shirt than a sweatshirt or hoodie. And if your offspring have stopped indiscriminately vomiting and defecating by now, then you could even consider treating yo’ self to some cashmere; a preferred way to Dress in his 40s.



swag bags
If you’ve already grasped the need for a holdall for weekday gym trips and weekend city breaks, then check the rest of your baggage is excessively nice and coordinated: a long-haul suitcase, a cabin-sized wheelie case for short trips, and maybe a carry-on tote or suit bag. Real men don’t get the earth to help carry their luggage, but wise, old ones with dodgy backs do.

High quality leather luggage for men



an heirloom watch
Maybe you didn’t advance to mechanical in your thirties, or only made it to entry level. Either way, your forties are the time to raid your children’s university fund for wrist candy with real clout.

The best men's heirloom luxury watches



an air of maturity
Fragrances can be age (in)appropriate as much as garments. Dress In His 40s the right way by sticking to a generic citrus-wood-amber template and smell more synthetic than a replicant’s hairpiece, sophisticated scents will often have a suitably retro vibe, if not an issue date that predates yours. And a hint of leatheriness to your skin is no bad thing here.

The best fragrances for men in their 40s

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