Hoops Earrings for the win

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Hoops earrings for the win

A hoop earring never goes out of style, but it can experience a major resurgence, which is exactly what is happening now. Going by what we are seeing on the runways all over europe, its looking like hoop earrings are coming back strong with all intention to stay this season.

As the hoop trend has expanded from huggies to also encompass larger styles, designers have felt the freedom to interpret the category through their unique aesthetic lenses, going with the bigger is better trend.

Here are some of the statement pieces we have seen so far this season.

Lady Grey’s Torsion silver-plated bronze hoops

 Catherine Weitzman’s 18-karat gold vermeil beaded hoop earrings

Mizuki, 14 Karat Gold Pearl earring, $1,990; net-a-porter.com
Mizuki’s 14 Karat Gold Pearl earring

Paige Novick, Diamond Pave Curved Bar Single Earring, $1,690; paigenovick.com
Paige Novick’s Diamond Pave Curved Bar Single Earring


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