High-Low Outfits For Men


High-Low Outfits For Men

High-Low Outfits For Men

High-low dressing is the art of combining formal and casual clothing in a way that strips the former of its stuffiness, and the latter of its off-duty appearance. However, striking the right balance is tough. Here’s a simple guide to how to pair, ensuring your style is more up-down than down and out.

1. Suits and Shirts. Monochrome should be the first step on the collarless road – a grey suit and white T-shirt is a tough thing to mess up – but as your confidence grows, start experimenting with colors and patterns such as a Breton stripe. For a cleaner finish, tuck the t shirt into your trousers.


2. Trousers and T-shirts. For a slightly more casual-leaning version of the suit and T-shirt combo, ditch the jacket and create a solid foundation that can be dressed up or down with accessories. Choose beltless trousers for a more streamlined aesthetic and add a watch or leather folio in a color that complements either the top or bottom half.

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3. Jeans and Blazer. Opt for slim-cut denim in a mid-to-dark wash with minimal detailing (no ripped knees, extreme distressing or raw hems). As for the blazer, an unstructured example will tie the two opposing pieces together, but a more structured jacket can be worn if the gap is bridged with a smart-casual piece, such as an open-necked shirt or polo; to emphasize this high-low fad.

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4. Shirt, Tie and Outerwear. To best pull this move off, opt for a jacket cut with the same attention to fit as a blazer – the denim jacket is famously trim, while the shoulders of a leather jacket should never sag down the arm. Textured and knitted ties tend to work better than traditional silk versions in this look, but shirts are fair game – from standard office fare to button-down Oxfords, chambray and even flannel.

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5. Sneakers and Tailoring. Wear this high-low combination with rock-solid confidence. Lose the socks, roll the cuffs, go tie-less – just do it with a sense of swagger to show people that you know the rules, you just don’t follow them.

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