Guide To Finding The Perfect Shades


Guide To Finding The Perfect Shades

Specs, sunnies, glares, shades, gecks, cheaters or sunblockers – whatever you choose to call them, with the present hot and humid conditions, it’s time to start thinking about sun glasses!

Unlike regular eye-glasses, men’s shades are more playful and are far less-restrictive. Not only do you have a huge range of unusual frames, but also a broad selection of other elements to contend with. So let’s start by taking a closer look at what type of men’s shades.

  1. Aviators:  The iconic teardrop shape is ideal for those with a triangular face. Due to their wide surface area, you should avoid single tone tints and chose a smooth graduating gradient instead.
  2. Wayfarer:  Their subtle shape will feel at home on most face types, and help offset roundness without being too pointed.
  3. Teashades:These circular wire-rimmed shades won’t suit oval or round faces very well. Not as popular as they once were due to their aging psychedelic/counter-culture connection.4. Rimless: Typically these create a light and unimposing look; great for those with strong facial features who don’t want to destabilize their proportions. An especially good choice for those with a diamond-shaped face.
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