Guide On Accessorizing Your Look


Guide On Accessorizing Your Look

As always, it’s not about the quantity of accessories you have, it’s the quality. Accessories are meant to be worn in slight variation, not all at once, or else their ability to draw attention becomes a muddled mess due to constantly conflicting with each other. It’s similar to when you sprinkle every flavour on your popcorn at the movies: Eventually your mouth goes numb from the chemically powdered playground. Trust us, everyone will know when you’re trying too hard, so take our advice and do more with less. It’s the little things that count the most.

Bow Tie:  Use these at fun, late-night events such as cocktail parties or a night on the town.

pocket square: Originally meant for hygienic purposes, pocket squares are now used solely for decoration, drawing attention to your upper torso where your shirt and tie are situated. These are mandatory if you are going open collar, ideally one that has a pattern to bring more dimension in your outfit.

wallet: Leather  only. Don’t spaz out when you notice a scratch on it, OK? It’s going to get some wear and tear, that’s what wallets do, they hold and protect your valuables

wristwatch: Let’s be honest: nobody uses a watch to tell time anymore. Smartphones have made them, along with countless other knickknacks, virtually obsolete. Ironically, this disappearance of watches has suddenly made them a hot commodity due to their rarity in public. Outfits cannot (and should not) ever be considered complete without a respectable timepiece

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