Great Bras For Backless Dresses 


Great Bras For Backless Dresses

If you don’t really feel the idea of stick on bras is right for you then why not stick to the normal supporting bra, but one that also holds a great amount of sass. A converted strap bra is ideal for still upholding the standards of a supporting bra, but has the added option of turning straps so they are around your rib-cage instead of over your shoulders.

Bra clips are perfect for holding those pesky straps together.


Convertor straps are a great bra to give support for dresses with an open back.

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Midnight bra with super sleek straps. Perfect for such open back dresses.

Image result for midnight bra with suer sleek straps for african woman

Crotchet style racer bra. Great for racer dresses or open backs.

Image result for crotchet style racer bra backless dress for african woman


Gorgeous tie up open back dress with stick on bra, perfect for backless dresses.

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