Go To Outfits You Can Build With Your Staples


Go To Outfits You Can Build With Your Staples

Go To Outfits You Can Build With Your Staples

You don’t need money to be stylish, they say. But we wonder if they ever had to make the call between shelling out for a premium suit and not defaulting on next month’s rent.

To avoid falling into the rut of reverting to the same look, try these easily put-together combinations to make yours work even harder.


1. Long-Sleeved Shirt Shorts

This warm-weather staple duo is sure to stand you in good stead. Not as casual as a T-shirt and shorts, it’s a pairing that allows your legs to breathe, but keeps you looking the business up top.staples



2. Polo Shirt Chinos

As ever, the staples fit is paramount. Look for a polo with sleeves that end mid-bicep, and that lightly hug but don’t squeeze them. You’ll also want the shirt’s hem to finish no lower than your trouser fly.

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3. Blazer Tee Jeans

To realize the look’s full potential, opt for an unstructured single-breasted blazer, a fitted crew neck T-shirt (not gut-suffocatingly tight, but not sloppily loose either) and a slim-fitting pair of dark staples jeans.

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