Go The Khaki Way


Go The Khaki Way

If you’re a man and you don’t own khakis, well, your fashion sense needs a boost. Hazel colored pants are quintessential of class and a developed style. So if you don’t have it in your wardrobe, spend some bucks and get it, trust us, a couple of shirts and just this pants can save you a lot.

  1. Style Auburn with and odd colored blazer: Although they are normally worn with earthy and subtle tones, feel free to break the rules on this one. Wear your pants with a baby pink blazer and let people adore you for your fashion sense.


2. With a denim shirt: Since guys love denim, why not wear a denim shirt with burnt sienna colored pants?

Image result for khaki pants with denim shirt for african man

3. For big special occasions; Pair up your dress shirt with your brown colored pants and a leather boot and you’ll surely turn heads.

Wearing Khaki Pants for Special Occasions

4. Black shirt with Caramel Pants: If you have a black polo shirt, rock it with your tawny pants and show off your rugged look to the world.

Khaki Pants with Black shirt

5. Rocking street style: Mahogany pants are normally worn casually and nothing can beat the funky street style of plaid shirt and khakis.


This chocolate colored pants are the perfect addition to your wardrobe and look good every season and for nearly every occasion.

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