Get Ready For Summer! Bikinis That Suit your Figure

Get Ready For Summer! Bikinis That Suit your Figure

Get Ready For Summer! Bikinis That Suit Your Figure

by Monjola Adeboye

So we know it’s still Spring, I mean duh? But that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting ready for the summer. Not when there’s ice cream, sunny days on the beach and loads and loads of bikinis to look forward to. Sign us up please! We don’t want to make the same mistakes we did last summer, so this season, we’re making it all about bikinis that suit your figure. We want you looking flawless while you show off maximum skin in the Lagos heat. I mean, no one wants their less flattering bits and pieces out where just anyone can see them. Yikes.


First on our list is…(drumroll please)

  • The Bandeaukini

Otherwise known as the Bandini, this style usually has a bandeau bra and sometimes briefs contrasting with the design. It is both sensuous and elegant and can be either more or less revealing than the average swimsuit. It is perfect for women with an hourglass figure.


  • The String Bikini

This bikini has strings at the nape of the neck, at the back and for the bottoms, at the sides of the hips. It is more risque than most of the other types of bikinis. It should ideally be worn by women with hourglass figures but is most commonly worn by women who are confident in their bodies.  We say, yesss girl, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

string bikini


  • The Multistring Bikini

Just as the name suggests, this bikini has multiple straps attached to the bikini top. They sometimes end up as a halter around the neck. This is for women with flaunting shoulder bones. If you have broad shoulders, it’s probably best to avoid this style. Trust us girl.

bikii multistring

  • The Tankini

Tankinis are one of the most recent forms of bikini. it’s basically a tank top as the top and either a contrasting or similar design as the bottom. This swimsuit is for all body types. That’s right, anyone can war it. Do you hear the sigh of relief from those of us with that extra bit of flesh around our middles?

tankini bikini


The High Neck Bikini

For you conservatives out there, we’ve found something that’s totally going to make your day. The high neck bikini is a lot less revealing than the average bikini. The upper half of the bikini is a high neck tube that covers most of the bust, paired with bikini bottoms. It’s a great pick for people involved in water sports. It’s comfortable and keeps you properly covered so there’s absolutely no chances of a nip slip or any such thing that has the potential to be just as disastrous and world ending.

high necdk

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