Get Prepared for the Rainy Season


Get Prepared for the Rainy Season

If you are not properly ready for the rainy reason you will end up having lots of missed appointments,  as the rain can ruin your quality work shoes, and soak straight through your canvas sneakers. So it is ideal for every man to get prepared for the rainstorm by choosing the proper water proof shoes to keep you dry.

Here are some fashionable pairs of shoes that will make you remain stylish when going for work, meetings, ceremonies or when traveling. Feel free to tell us your preferred shoe.

  1. Cordovan Leather Shoes


To catch up with your important client or appointment during the rainy season, it is advisable to go in a shoe made of cordovan leather.

Cordovan leather is naturally Strong, thick and weather resistant. The good thing about this leather is that it always look shined, never crease and you can wear them to official places like your work place and for board meetings.


  1. Tretorn/Ankle Rain boots.


These are fashionable ankle shoes that do not scream “rain boot” when they are worn. If you are the type that likes the sneakers, check out a low-cut rain shoe like the Tretorn Gunnar. They have lightweight, to enable you move freely and are fully waterproof up to the ankle to keep you dry in rainy season.


  1. Duck Shoes


These shoes are not appropriate for office wear, but they are perfect for outdoor rugged activities like camping or fishing. The extra insulation gives you that ultimate warmth and it has gore-tex to keep feet dry, they can last for years in rainy season.


  1. Chukka boots


Chukka boots are more slightly less sporty and more stylish than the duck shoes. So it can serve as an alternative to duck shoes. Not all chukka boots are rain proof so look out for the ones that are rain proof. Chukka boots are well known for their rounded toe.


  1. Rain Galoshes


Galoshes are types of stretchable rubber boot that is slipped over shoes to protect them from getting muddy or wet. With Galoshes, you can still wear your favourite shoes even to the office while it is raining. You only have to choose a pair of galoshes that fit right over your shoe and just take them off when you get to the office.


  1. Wellies


When it is raining heavily you may not have an option but to wear the traditional rain boot which everyone knows about.  With Wellies, you can still carry your favourite work shoes and simply change at the office. Some men can rock a pair of tall rain boots, but most will feel more comfortable with the shorter version. So whichever one you feel comfortable in, you rock.

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