Get It Like Jaden Smith

Get it like jaden Smith

Get It Like Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith is one of the most fashionable actors/musician on the scene right now. His eccentricity when it come to style and matching outfit pieces has the potential to see ‘stylist’ added to his resume very soon. Now before you go off saying “the dude wears a skirt” or “he goes around in a batman suit”, you might want to get off your high horse and review his style choices in the rundown below.

  1. ¬†ECCENTRICITY;eccentricity He doesn’t care what the rules are when it comes to what he likes and what he wants to wear. He is reinterpreting gender codes and this is a plus in every designer’s book.
  2. LAYER LIKE A PRO;Layer like a pro Layering is the right look for the season. Jaden Smith isn’t afraid of piling on the layers, and seeing as this an ‘in’ look, it’s no wonder he is the new Fresh Prince on the block.
  3. JOGGERS LOVE;joggers love Jogger pants are a wardrobe staple. they are comfortable and wearable with almost every casual outfit. Athleisure has never looked or felt so good; Jaden knows that.
  4. STEAL OFF THE RUNWAY;steal off the runway See something you you like coming down the runway, take note of it and get it immediately. That’s the Jaden Smith motto. Support designers and wear their work proudly.
  5. TREAT YOUR LADY RIGHT;treat your lady right Graphic shirts are a way to tell the world what you’re thinking without saying a word. Young master Smith does graphic tee shirts too, but his extra detail is his lady on his arm.

Maybe Seeing these images will help you get fashion like Jaden Smith; It is more that what you wear, it is an expression of what you’re feeling and thinking. Jaden gets it, that’s probably why he was chosen for the face of Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2016 campaign. Get it?


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