#GCFEST15: 2 Minutes With Mercy Ajisafe (OMO LONDON) On hosting the Gidi Culture Fest!


#GCFEST15: 2 Minutes With Mercy Ajisafe (OMO LONDON) On hosting the Gidi Culture Fest!

It’s the big DAY and the GCFEST is happening live at the EKO ATLANTIC Lagos. CF’s Deputy/Online Editor, Isiuwa Ikponmwosa and Senior Writer Adaeze Ibechukwu caught up with the vibrant Mercy Ajisafe popularly called ‘Omo London’ just before the event kicked off. Here’s what she had to say…

CF: What in your terms is the essence of the Gidi Culture festival?

MA: I think the Gidi culture festival is all about celebrating and embracing our African heritage, it’s allowing us to bridge the gap between the whole of Africa. It’s not just a Nigerian event or festival, it’s a pan African festival, it’s all about celebrating youth minded people who want to come together and peacefully have an amazing time. I think it’s a great platform for us to have fun, listen to music, partake in sports, enjoy food, in total, it’s everything you need in one place.


CF: Lagos is the major hub for entertainment in Africa. Where next do you think the organizers should take the Gidi festival?

MA: I’m biased so I’ll say, let’s take Gidi culture to Osun state. Shout out! Hala!

CF: What’s your Style?

MA: I like simple, comfortable and chic. My sense of style is ‘time, place, occasion’ I love a ball gown as much as the next woman and I love a fabulous pair of shoes just like the next woman but I think it’s not always necessary and this is what I love about Gidi culture Festival. For the first time in my life I can host a show wearing sneakers. So what you should expect from my style during the festival is, fresh, funky, and young with a little bit of sexy.

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