Fitting Room Mistakes You Might Be Making


Fitting Room Mistakes You Might Be Making

The excitement and frenzy that comes with going shopping might lead you to picking clothes just based on aesthetics or maybe you tried it and the fitting room had not enough light, you already too many clothes on, well the reasons are endless, but here are some fitting room mistakes you are making:

  • Not Carrying multiple sizes
  • You’re wearing the wrong bra.
  • You did not use the mirror
  • The room had no proper lighting
  • Not trying out with a pair of shoes
  • Not sitting; almost everything looks good while standing
  • Not taking all possible positions with the dress, to see if still fitted nicely
  • Not to be extra, if you have the time and it is a private dressing room, you can try on make-up to visualize the final look.
  • Not knowing your size


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