Finding Your Personal Style


Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style

The idea of discovering your own personal style is often too heavily weighted on celebrity style icons. Signature style is one of those fashion phrases that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean and how do you find one

Whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or to try something a little new this year, there are some simple steps that can make you like what you see when you open your wardrobe each morning. Firstly, you need to understand your body shape and how to dress for it, as well as identifying the things that always make you feel confident and those outfits that make you wish you could get changed every single time.



The most important thing is to really understand your body shape and know the silhouettes that are always flattering for you. We also advise an epic trying on session with honest friends or family to work out your hero items. Taking pictures, as well as looking in the mirror, will help you to easily spot the silhouettes that you should rely on. If you pay close attention to celebrities with similar shapes to you, you’ll be able to spot the silhouettes that always work for them to create their own style.


PHOTO:Style du Monde

Most of our ultimate style icons have signatures/personal pieces  that you can spot a mile off. This can be an accessory, a colour or a print, or even a beauty trick.  Anna Wintour has her sunglasses and the Olsen twins have their dramatic silhouettes (and Starbucks cups, of course).



A successful signature style is one you will love for years and years, and so your focus should be on wearing the things you truly adore. One of our favorite wardrobe editing tricks is to have a separate rail and for one month place everything you wear on this rail you will quickly realize the items that are the building blocks in your wardrobe. If jeans are your thing, say, go with it.



An editors’ trick for working out your personal style is to create a detailed mood board with all of the looks you love. Before you head for the glue and scissors, it’s best to create your mood boards on Pinterest, or even using the bookmark tag on Instagram so you can constantly add new outfits you’d like to copy. Our Brit Style board is a particularly good place to start pinning.


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When editing your wardrobe, it’s just as important to pay attention to the items that don’t make you feel good. It goes without saying that just because every blogger you can think of is wearing a Gucci T-shirt doesn’t mean you should too, if tees just don’t make your heart sing.



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