Fashionista On a Budget

fashionista on a budget

Fashionista On a Budget

Fashionista On a Budget

Have you ever come across someone – fashionista, fashion blogger, co-worker, girl on the street – that just always looks so put together? If you’ve wondered what her secret is, we’re here to tell you: It’s about taking high quality staples and remixing them to stay in touch with the trends. Whether you’re adding a fresh new accent to a favorite item or investing in luxury staples, here are some shortcuts to looking like you walked off the runway – without breaking the bank.

The Trick: Three Looks in One


Coordinates (or Co-ords for short) have become a breakout trend for fashionista over the last few years. The reason? You’re introducing three starting points for entire outfits right off the bat. Wear them together or mix and match with other items in your closet. A body suit will look great with this leather skirt, while the top looks just as polished with jeans or white khakis.

The Trick: A Timeless Silhouette that’s also Slimming

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Bell bottoms and skinny jeans may fall in and out of fashion, but straight leg jeans will be forever in style. Not only does this style look polished and professional, it’s also super slimming, giving you a longer, leaner profile. Opt for a dark rinse to up the class factor that much more.

The Trick: Add a Fresh Print

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A solid capsule wardrobe is the perfect jumping off point for dozens of different looks. Once you’ve got your basics down, have fun by adding in accents like a trendy print or bright color. Animal print is great to spice up any outfit – basic jeans and a simple white blouse suddenly look edgy when paired with this textured clutch.

The Trick: Add Embellishment

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You don’t need expensive jewelry to liven up an outfit when you’ve got a bit of embellishment on your clothing as a fashionista. A classic striped blouse is reinvented with a bit of visual interest at the neckline. The light blue color of this chic blouse makes it work just as well with a pair of relaxed jeans or an office-appropriate pencil skirt.

The Trick: Pull Double Duty

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Every woman needs a LBD in her wardrobe – but finding one that can work from the lunch hour to cocktail hour makes your investment extra worth it. Keep an eye out for subtle accents like embroidery, laser cut fabric, or embellishment to look professional at work and pretty at parties.

The Trick: Think About the Details

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Even the chicest outfit can be brought down by distracting details, like frayed jean hems or scuffed shoes. Meanwhile, a few polished details can take a simple outfit from blah to beautiful. Add a few pairs of ‘fun’ shoes to your wardrobe and cycle them through your favorite ensembles. You’ll be surprised how many people think you’re rocking an entirely new outfit!

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