Fashion Trends we NEED to die…Fur Slippers

fur slippers 3

Fashion Trends we NEED to die…Fur Slippers

Fashion Trends we NEED to die…Fur Slippers

by Monjola Adeboye


Hey dolls! So I think we’ve all heard about/seen the trend that had everyone’s panties in a twist earlier this year. I’m talking about, yep you got it, fur slippers. And if you haven’t seen them, then count your lucky stars because you’ve been saved from looking at an eye sore.

We have absolutely no idea what motivated any designer to create this…do we call it a shoe or slipper? What we think, is perhaps a lonely designer was sitting in his favorite armchair one night, petting his excessively furry dog while looking down in despair at his night shoes thinking about what his next major design would be. He looked from the slippers to the furry dog an back again. And the idea suddenly hit him, like a racquet hitting a tennis ball. Why not combine the two things?

If you STILL don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s a picture of them in all their..glory *gags*.

fur slippers

Now we can forgive whatever designer, wherever he is for creating this atrocity (cause we all know designers are a bit cuckoo) but what we can’t forgive is any of our followers who would knowingly wear these. Haven’t we taught you better?

fur slipper


fur slippers 3

We’re having some major beef with the fashion gods for this offense. This season, it’s a total F for fur. Don’t wear these unless you’re actively trying to get blacklisted.

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