Fashion Throwback; How To Rock Sequins Safely


Fashion Throwback; How To Rock Sequins Safely

Fashion Throwback; How To Rock Sequins Safely

One lesson we learned from the recently concluded New York Fashion Week is this. Sequins are back.

To celebrate the return of sparkle, we’re giving you a recap of the Do’s and Don’ts of styling this encrusted fad.


1. Don’t double-up.

Instead, choose understated classics. A soft, cashmere-like sweater, for example, would balance nicely with the harshness of that sequined skirt. Add solid-colored pumps to the mix and you’re golden. Pun intended.


2. Do tone down your daytime sequined looks and play up your nighttime ones.
For the daytime, try a burnished gold sequins cami, under a cream cardi with wide-leg tan pants and some monochromatically appropriate platform pumps.


At night, you can wear that sequined pencil skirt or mini-dress. Same goes for the sequined handbag. And since we’re on this topic, a sequined handbag should never be anything but a clutch or wristlet. No fully sequined gym bags or totes.



3. Don’t wear sequins in bright patterns or colors.
A black sequined sheath for a holiday cocktail party? Yes. It’s a fabulous take on the traditional Little Black Dress. Don’t pair them with a bright color unless you want your clothes to feel like a visual assault to everyone around you. Stay in your neutral, solid-colored safety zone.

Image result for african woman wearing bright color sequin


4. Do buy knowing everyone will remember it.

If you have a whole season of parties to get through, and a limited budget for party-wear, skip the sequined dress because everyone will remember you wore it party to party. You’ll get tired of it fast, too.

Black sequin scarf

Instead, pick a sequined clutch or sequined skirt. Then you can change up your look with brightly hued tops and versatile shoes. You’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

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