fashion and femininity


lThese clothes put femininity and womanliness on display in an unmissable way. Fashion’s new take on unabashedly feminine clothes are commanding, comfortable, and very, very cool.

  1. THE SHOCKING PINK DRESSES: Make your presence known with these saturated-color frocks, which often come adorned with ruffles, bows, and other romantic touches for an overdose of femininity.
  2. STATEMENT SLEEVE TOPS: Wear your feminism on your sleeve with larger-than-life shirts that blow the men’s business-casual button-down out of the water completely. Confidence has never looked so cool.Spring 2017 Trend: Statement-Sleeve TopsSpring 2017 Trend: Statement-Sleeve Tops
  3. FAIRY SLIPPERS: Flat and kitten-heel sandals complete with velvet and pearl- and feather-adorned straps are like something out of a Disney movie. They also beat the hell out of sky-high stiletto heels.Spring 2017 Trend: Tinker Bell SandalsSpring 2017 Trend: Tinker Bell Sandals
  4. SATIN BRA-TOPS: Satin and silk triangle bras in rich colors give the utilitarian undergarment a glamorous spin. So glamorous, in fact, that you won’t want to hide it under your shirt all day.Spring 2017 Trend: Satin Bra TopsSpring 2017 Trend: Satin Bra Tops
  5. THE GOLD GODDESS GOWNS: Skip teeny-tiny cocktail dresses that hug your every inch. Stand tall instead in metallic gold dresses and gowns in fabrics that catch the light with every stride.
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